Where to find men’s watches in South Africa December 08 2014

So you’ve decided to buy a special someone a men’s watch as a gift. Now you’ve got to set out to find the perfect watch. Here’s quick rundown of where you can go to find the perfect men’s watch:

  • Jewellery stores

Jewellery stores will have a range of watches for men. The upside of buying a watch from a jewellery stores is that you’re usually guaranteed that it’s not a knock-off (if it’s a reputable jewellery store chain, they won’t be selling counterfeit watches). The downside is usually the price. The fact that the store needs to pay rent in a mall, employ staff etc. means that the price will be more than you would pay than if you were buying directly from the supplier, which leads us to the next place you can buy a men’s watch…

  • Directly from a supplier

If you’ve got a particular designer men’s watch in mind, you may have thought of contacting the manufacturer directly. This usually isn’t an option for the general public seeing as watch manufacturers have contracts with clothing stores and jewellers to sell their products for them. While retail chains are able to get designer men’s watches at a discounted rate, the chance of an individual buying a single watch from a manufacturer is usually zero.

  • Pawn stores

If you’re looking for a good deal, a pawn shop is an option. Keep in mind that many men (unless they collect watches) wouldn’t be too happy about receiving a second hand watch as a gift.

  • Shop online

The benefit of buying a man watch online is the fact that you’ll pay less for a high quality product. At ZARmall, we offer a wide range of designer men’s watches at great prices. Browse our range of men’s watches now.