3 reasons to do your Christmas shopping online this year December 03 2014

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but few things are jolly about the inevitable doom that falls upon us in December – Christmas shopping. Here are three reasons why you should consider doing all of your Christmas shopping online this year:

Avoid the hassle
If you’ve got a specific gift in mind, such as a watch for your partner, an xBox or a DVD, you’ve got no way of knowing if you’re even going to find the item you have in mind at your nearest mall. To add to the frustration, you’re going to spend time in traffic, stand in queues and inevitably spend the better part of your day in the mall. Avoid all the hassle by browsing online stores that offer a secure payment facility and can send you exactly what you need in time for Christmas.

Stick to budget
It’s easy to spend more than what you were initially planning to spend when you go to a mall. Suddenly new items catch your eye or a specific product in the window reminds you of a friend or acquaintance that you weren’t even going to buy gifts for, and you end up swiping your credit card and going overboard. It’s better to draw up a to-do list of everything you need to buy and simply buy it online.

You can get the gift delivered
The best part of shopping online is the fact that you can ask the supplier to post the item to the person that should receive the gift (if you’re not able to see your friend or family member over the festive period, this is a great way to deliver gifts).
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